About Us

Biker babe with lashes
 I started Biker Babe Inc to not only sell lashes and trendy accessories, but to empower woman to do anything they set their mind to. You can find an expression of feminine energy throughout the website with the color scheme of pink and girly vibes. 
I started riding bikes at the tender age of eight. Dirt biking is a passion I will always hold close to my heart. By the age of sixteen, I had obtained my motorcycle endorsement and rode on a duel sport. By my twenties, I had switched over from enduros to sport bikes. Flash forward to today, I am continuing to ride sport bikes.
If you would like to get information on where to start riding on the dirt, or obtaining your endorsement, feel free to reach out to me at: bikerbabeinc.com@bikerbabeinc.com
Feel Empowered Babe!